Noragh Analytics is excited to join Ankura Consulting Group, LLC. Ankura is an independent global expert services and advisory firm that delivers services and end-to-end solutions to help clients at critical inflection points related to change, risk, disputes, finance, performance, distress, and transformation. The Ankura team consists of more than 1,700 professionals serving 3000+ clients across 55 countries who are leaders in their respective fields and areas of expertise. Collaborative lateral thinking, hard-earned experience, expertise, and multidisciplinary capabilities drive results and Ankura is unrivaled in its ability to assist clients to Protect, Create and Recover Value.


“I’m looking forward to unleashing the talents of Noragh and Ankura to bring our combined experiences and technologies to bear for our clients,” said Admiral Flanagan. “Ankura’s ability to leverage our platforms to solve complex problems, mitigate risk, inform strategy and create competitive advantages for clients will be world-leading and strongly positions us for the future.”


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90% of the world's data is unstructured text
Noragh provides the capability to maximize real-time understanding of its value
Master the speed of change.
Empower Your People.
Illuminate and Connect the Dots...
Discover Your Unknowns...
Analysis and Decision Framework
Data Agnostic
Enterprise Ready

Noragh’s Approach

Real-time analytics, driving corporate performance while providing quantifiable bottom-line-impacting savings in time and costs.


Human in the Loop

We empower operational employees to gain the efficiencies and effectiveness offered by sophisticated data analytics.


Competitive Advantages

We deliver competitive advantages derived from advance indicators of opportunities, change, trends, and risks.


Smart Box

Noragh is a proven analytic capability and methodology that empowers the critical human dimension of decision-making.


Drive Competitive Advantage

Noragh Analytics drives competitive advantage by delivering operational efficiency and agility directly to the critical decision-maker, and does so in real-time with evolving and persistent monitoring of all key data — internal and external, structured and unstructured. And we do it better, faster, and more accurately.

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Bottom Line Benefits

Noragh Analytics drives competitive advantage by delivering operational efficiency and agility directly to the critical decision-maker.

Be Proactive

Technology + Data + Analytics

Quantifiable Cost Savings

• Discover emerging anomalies to the product of your plans

• Capture and persistently employ critical data in business operations

• Identify systemic risks in your and/or your clients’ operations

• Prevent crises rather than managing them

• Leverage the value of your existing systems with seamless integration.

• Make human-in-the-loop analytics far more efficient in both operations and research environments.

• Provide an enterprise-wide, data-to-information-to-decision platform.

• Provide situational awareness at the speed of business.

• Exploit industry and in-house data to maximize its value.

• Run all searches against all text as soon as the text is delivered, and all new/changed queries against all historical text.

• Measurable ROI

• Creation of efficiencies

• Improved effectiveness

• Competitive Advantage