What We Do

Noragh Analytics is the proven global leader in real-time analytics, driving corporate performance while providing quantifiable bottom-line-impacting savings in time and costs. We drive your success with an unrivaled analytic solution that provides real-time, persistent analysis of all-source data, allowing users to identify, predict, and prevent business-critical threats — before they happen.

Noragh’s technology-enabled analytics allow you to get the maximum benefit from your data, providing a competitive advantage in the marketplace, so that your strategic business operations can be adjusted on-the-fly in real-time to meet rapidly changing market conditions, and to anticipate and prevent unforeseen disruptions.


Noragh’s leadership in creating sustainable solutions makes you more efficient and effective. Our analytical and technical experts work with your team to identify your desired goals and outcomes. Our analytics group works with your stakeholders to develop practical workflows and builds an analytic framework to give you real-time alerts and answers to your most urgent issues and questions.

We empower the Human in the Loop to understand what’s playing out in front of them. We derive value from the chaos of disparate, messy, unrelated data – we persistently analyze all the information an enterprise has with accuracy, precision, and purpose. And, we inform in real-time the choices available to the people responsible for responding to the rapidly evolving changes in their business environment.

Our technical solutions are flexible. You can access our solution on the web. It can work inside your firewall, or we can host a solution outside of it. Noragh can configure all of your internal and external data feeds. And we protect your data by maintaining the security posture of our platform through frequent OS and application patch updates.