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Noragh Analytics, Inc. is growing its portfolio of human-in-the-loop, high-volume, real-time analytics software products. Our small software team is working on a variety of numerical analysis, workflow, and visualization tools to add to our existing text analysis capabilities. Every team member participates in architecture, design, development, test, deployment and maintenance.

Current opening

Director of Machine Learning-Based Integration and Analytics

Noragh Analytics, Inc. is seeking to supplement our technical and analytics expertise with a team-oriented self-starter with experience in machine learning production environments.

Required Experience:

  • Defining and implementing technology-driven analytic solutions
  • Identifying unique problem sets and structuring a technology-enabled analytic solution to effectively respond
  • Applying machine learning principles within new applications, including practical models, feature selection, performance metrics, and data gaps
  • Developing machine learning solutions within production environments
  • Exploiting narrative text sources
  • Working across multiple organizations to define software requirements, with input from end users, software developers, technical support, data scientists, business operations staff, and management
  • Defining and performing software demonstrations and providing technical expertise as it relates to the development of the Company’s strategic business partnerships
  • Building partnerships and trust with different customers through clear communications and honest expectation-setting, including stakeholders, data scientists, business operations staff and management, and software developers
  • Experience in the insurance industry a plus


  • Leading the Company’s data analytics and integration efforts related to evolving machine learning and artificial intelligence market opportunities, and ensuring alignment with the Company’s strategic vision and goals
  • Collaborating internally to evolve and refine the core product, a configurable, problem agnostic, persistent extraction and analysis platform
  • Defining and managing the definition of the Company’s solution packages to include models, features, and scoring for specific problem sets, in conjunction with input from industry-specific subject matter experts
  • Identifying data sources and data gaps for industry-specific problem sets
  • Working with customers and partners on the integration of the Company’s platform and solution packages in production environments and enterprise technology initiatives
  • Development and presentation of sales and marketing materials for the Company’s solutions and services portfolio for company customers and partners
  • Business process, analytic, and technical support to develop strategic business partnerships


  • Demonstrated ability to create linear and non-linear machine learning solutions in Python, R, or other major platforms
  • Knowledge / use of SQL and aggregate stores, preferably Postgres and MongoDB
  • Knowledge of RegEx and other common text analysis tools
  • User-level proficiency in Unix / Linux operating systems and tools
  • Ability to follow instructions to install and configure a development / test environment
  • Working knowledge of a common source code control platform, such as Mercurial or Git,and project management tools (Jira, Confluence)
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience with basic business applications (Microsoft)
  • Located in the continental United States; experienced in working independently


  • Degree in Data / Decision Sciences, Statistics, Computer Science (Bachelor’s Degree at a minimum, Master’s Degree preferred); or
  • Degree in Engineering or the hard sciences (Bachelor’s at a minimum, Master’s Degree preferred), plus extensive additional course work or experience in machine learning, data modeling, or other decision sciences

About Noragh Analytics, Inc.
Noragh Analytics, Inc. has more than a decade of experience in providing cutting-edge risk analytics. Since 2011, Noragh has provided Fortune 50 clients competitive decision advantage by enabling concrete observations and data analytics of unstructured data faster and more accurately than any other current analytic capability.

Noragh is a game-changer for enterprises seeking value and competitive advantage in a diverse and ever-expanding data universe. By enabling critical thinking, in near real-time, timely and thorough analyses ensure informed and actionable responses for every kind of fast-paced business challenge.

Noragh is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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